First Time

Q: What Time Does Service Start?
A: 10:00am.
Most people arrive a few minutes early to grab sermon notes and find a seat.
Q: What Should I Wear?
A: We have people who wear suits and we have people who wear their favorite sport’s team shirts. Ties through T-Shirts. Come as you are. We are happy that you are attending.
Q: What are the Covid Protocols?
A: The sanctuary is open and some people wear masks while others do not. For those with higher concerns, the parking lot is available via radio. 
Q: What about my Kids?
A: During the 10:00am Service – Nursery is available for newborns through 4 year olds. Cornerstone Kids area is clearly marked as you enter. Children’s church is available after for our younger worshipers PreK to 4th Grade. They will be dismissed before the sermon. All our volunteers are screened by
Q: What is the Music Like?
A: We have multiple worship teams that rotate. So it is a little different every week. It is a good reminder that the object of our worship is Jesus, not preference to our personal favorite songs.
Q: What is the Preaching Like?
A: Pastor AJ preaches expository sermons through different books of the Bible. He will occassionally preach topically to give us a systematic understanding of concepts within scripture.
Q: How long is service?
A: Between a hour and a hour and 15 minutes.